ClubHub Responsive - Version 7

Version 7 of ClubHub relates to the look and feel of the application. The main change is that ClubHub's menus and pages are "responsive". This means that ClubHub resizes itself appropriately depending on the size of the device you are using (PCs, tablets and smartphones), and enables webpages on touch devices to be manipulated via pinch to zoom.

We do not consider that, for typical use, an administrator should manage a club's membership via a tablet, even though it will work and may be useful at times. But members who only have tablet access, or who want to login using their smartphone, will find ClubHub much easier to use.

You don't need to make any changes if you access ClubHub on a PC, though you should check that you are using a recent browser for the best experience. To check that your browser is a recent one go to this website and see if your score is over 360. The higher score the better ClubHub will work.

Note: there are dozens of different browsers that you might potentially use, and it's not possible for us to test every single one. If your browser behaves or displays unexpectedly in some circumstances please email and include a screenshot plus some comment, so that we can investigate.

Also note: the background colour behind the header image when you log into ClubHub is the "banner" colour. Primary administrators can amend this if it doesn't look right with the header image (via Tasks >> Configuration >> Edit Club Details) or ask ClubHub Support to amend).

Part of version 7 includes a "Favourites" menu. For most functions in ClubHub you can now select Favourites >> Add to Favourites, and that function may then be found under Favourites in the future. This change will be especially useful for those using smartphones when attending the game and wanting to access to selected ClubHub functions quickly.

Since most of these changes are for benefit of your members it’s an opportunity for you to email everyone to tell them about how the club has improved their online accessibility. We suggest an email along these lines if appropriate…

Dear Member

Our member management software  - ClubHub - has been improved to give you a better experience when you login or register via a tablet, or when you are out and about and need smartphone access to club information, or want to quickly send an email to your team.

You can now
•    Login more quickly (ClubHub can remember your password)
•    Mark functions as Favourites to speed up access
•    Check the noticeboard
•    View the Draw
•    Find the Venue i.e. a Google map
•    View a Pitch Map
•    Contact Team Members
•    View Previous Results
•    View the Competition Table.

The only thing that you need to do to experience these new functions is to make sure that your browser is a recent one.