Release 7.1.0

This release concentrates on the product area, mainly for coaching clinics (also known in ClubHub as classes).


Administrators can now set up clinics and invite some members to book them. Clinics set up in this way can be only for the invitees, or the clinic can become available to all members one a cerain date is reached.

Mandatory Yes In Clinic Bookings

Some clubs want the purchasers of a product to confirm that they have read the terms and conditions, or have not medical issues. An administrator can now specify a field on any merchansise, event for clinic that the purchaser must change from No to Yes to complete the purchase. Edit the item and look for the Yes/No Data - set to No, user must change to Yes field.

Copy a Set of Clinic Data

Administrators can now copy a complete set of clinics. For example a gym might have a set of classes from term 1, and wants to create the exact same set of data for term 2 all with the start and end dates, and booking start and end dates that you specify for the copy.

Filtering Improvements for Clinics

When listing clinics there are more options for filtering which clinics appear

  • All
  • Only Current
  • Only Future
  • Only Current + Future
  • Expired

plus further filtering by Product Category if required.

Reporting Xero Contact Id

Xero using clubs can now include the Xero contact id is reports.

Grade Coordinator Team Selection

When grade coordinators with many teams in their control are selecting teams on a small device like a tablet the list of teams is too difficult to manage.  This function now allows you to select a grade first, and then teams within that grade.