Release 7.2.1

Player and Similar Reports

The order of the columns in the completed report are now exactly the same as the field order for registration and update.

Additionally we have made significant speed improvement to some of the slower reports.

Classes with Sessions

You can now amend the number permitted into a class up or down, limited only by how many have booked already.

Reconciliation Report Improvements

The Reconciliation Report and associated income reports now handle credit adjustments better. Credit adjustments are never counted as income now.

Email Formats

With new domains being released in new formats we have relaxed the rules on what emails your members may enter e.g. bob@example.consult is now valid.

Gym Attendance Medical Conditions

The Gym Attendance Report now allows you to show emergency contact and medical conditions next to each member.

Zero Payments (not Xero)

The practice of paying for an item via a zero payment with a full Other Discount has been amended. Now the discount will update the item without the payment being created.

Delivery Address Improvement

Recording and update of delivery addresses for merchandise have been improved.