Release 7.2.2

Long Service Report

There's a new report for our seasonal clubs (clubs that use rollover, not clubs with annual renewal) called Long Service Report. It allows you to see how long players have been members for, in case you have awards for such things. You'll find it under Reports >> People.

Email Timer

Some people start an email and take too long composing it, and ClubHub times out, losing their email text.
ClubHub now shows a 20 minute timer to remind the user to save their text, or to send the email.

Registration Timer

Some people start to register, get to the confirmation page, and then expect to be able to confirm hours later. They can't confirm later, ClubHub times out.

ClubHub now shows a 20 minute timer to tell the user how long they have left to confirm.

Xero Changes

Clubs that use Xero may notice some changes as we have re-written parts of the interface to improve reliability and flexibility. Our Xero administrators will receive a separate email detailing these changes.

Composing Emails

ClubHub now counts the number of people who will be contacted when you send an email before you compose the text. This avoids the situation where you compose the email and then discover no one has been selected by your criteria.

Player Linking Across Different Seasons

For seasonal clubs (clubs that use rollover, not clubs with annual renewal), the history linking has been enhanced so that you may link players if they have skipped a season. For example Adam Apple in 2015 can be linked to Adam Apple in 2013 if Adam did not join in 2014. To enable this linking operation you should either search for the player and click View, and then click View or change history links, or run the History Linking Report.

The History Linking Report shows you relevant unlinked players from all previous seasons with the most recent season presented for a Link operation. You can also link players from the player view screen, searching for any player you wish to link to.

Note that automatic Linking still only works if the Player was registered in the most recent season.