ClubHub Database information

ClubHub provides services to anyone who wants to manage their members more efficiently. Click Home to read more.

Typically ClubHub customers are sports clubs, but can be organisations of almost any type.

Storing Your Information

The organisation that you are registering into decides which details to collect, and whether those details are mandatory or optional.

When registration is confirmed the data you have entered is written into the ClubHub database, and is available to the organisation exclusively. If that organisation is to share your data, for example with a national sports body, then the organisation have tools to tell you that within ClubHub registration.

Credit card details, for organisations that accept such payments, are never stored.

Your passwords are encrypted and cannot be viewed by your organisation, nor by ClubHub personnel.

Selling your data

ClubHub will never sell nor distribute your data to any party.


ClubHub software requires cookies to operate. These cookies do not contain any personal information and are required solely to maintain your login session.

The only exception is if you check Remember Me at login. In this case a cookie remembers your user name and password, to enable quick and easy login.


It's not a great idea to unsubscribe from emails from your organisation, because then you won't know what is going on.

But if you want to, click the unsubscribe link on any email sent via ClubHub. Your email address within ClubHub will be removed. Note that the organisation is likely to take this as advice of resignation.

Note that some people might be members of two organisations that both use ClubHub. You may unsubscribe from one of these without affecting the other.

Being Resigned

Once your membership of the organisation is over they will resign you within ClubHub. That process does not delete your data fully, as the organisation wishes to retain a history of your membership and your financial dealings with them.

If you want your data completely deleted then your should contact the organisation and request that. They will ask ClubHub Support to purge your information from the database.


If you have any questions about data safety and data storage please direct them to