Configuring Text for your Organisation

Many values in ClubHub can be configured to give your organisation exactly what it needs.

For example, for text displayed while a prospective member is registering. One ClubHub club displays

Your contact details will not be made available to any third party. They are stored in an online club directory to enable you, other players and club members and officials to contact each another by simply logging via the SNIP website from any computer that has an internet connection.

It is important that you login if necessary to record any changes to your contact details - otherwise you may cease to receive e-mails and/or calls from club officials or fellow players about club training sessions, games or social events.

while another displays

SNIP is collecting personal information during registration so that it can be used for Club purposes including communications with Members, and selecting teams.  The information will be provided to Grade Convenors, Team Coaches and Managers (who may distribute it to their team members) and to the Club’s parent body, the SNIP Cricket Association.  Members have the right of access to and the right to request correction of any personal information held by the Club.

For example, text displayed explaining how to pay for subscriptions and purchases. One ClubHub club displays

Credit card payment facilities will be operational shortly. You can choose to pay by cheque using the manual Make Payment button below, or wait until our credit card processing facilities are functioning.

We will notify you by email once the credit card payment option is available, when you will be able to log-in using details provided in your registration confirmation email.

while another displays

You can make your payment by Internet banking, cheque or cash.

For example, text in the email sent to the member on registration. One ClubHub club displays

Thank you for registering with SNIP and welcome to the 2010 Ice Hockey Season.
We wish you lots of excitement on and off the Ice !
Play fair / Respect / Have fun!

while another displays

Thank you for registering with SNIP.

When we create your ClubHub, all these values will be discussed with you and set to your requirements. Contact us for more information.