ClubHub's Email System

ClubHub's email system is designed to allow emails to be sent and replied to. Just like normal email right?

But we have a problem - if the reply email address is set to your email address e.g. there's a chance that the receiving ISP will say "this email is from the server but the reply address is, so that looks a bit suspicious and we won't accept it".

So ClubHub sets the reply email address to so that the original email gets through. Now here's the tricky bit...recipients of email may reply in the normal way. The reply will come to and ClubHub will forward the email to the required person.

Here's a scenario to assist understanding

Coach Bob:
Player Fred:

  1. Bob composes an email using ClubHub, to Fred, asking him if he will be captain this week
  2. The email comes from and is sent to
  3. Fred receives it *
  4. Fred replies using his email client's reply functionality, saying Yes
  5. ClubHub receives the email into the email inbox
  6. ClubHub forwards the email to
  7. Fred views the email
  8. Fred replies thanking him
  9. Bob views the reply
  10. etc

* Every email Fred ever receives via ClubHub will show your club's name and look something like
Grand Sporting Club Inc < >.
When Fred looks inside the email the text will clearly show the name of the member who sent the email along with their email address.

The ClubHub Email Service allows repeated replies to be sent, as long as the body of the email (with its email reference) remains intact.

If the sender removes or changes the email reference (or their email client does) then the email reply cannot be forwarded to the right person and the sender will receive an email saying that delivery could not be achieved.

If anyone ever sends an email to it will be returned to them with an explanation that this is not for individual communication.