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About Browsers

ClubHub is designed to be accessible on any internet enabled device, from PCs to tablets and down to smartphones. We have tested on many different devices, using many different browsers, and ClubHub works on all those tested.

However there are hundreds of different browsers and versions with more appearing daily, and each makes different font size and display decisions. ClubHub cannot guarantee that every browser and browser version will display ClubHub as attractively as intended, or as quickly as a mainstream browser. If you get display issues we recommend that you try a different browser and see if you get a better result. In general the more commonly used a browser is the more likely it is to produce an an attractive and appropriate display.

If you happen to use Internet Explorer and have an old computer then it's likely you will strike problems, since Microsoft will not allow Internet Explorer updates. In this case find a modern browser (Chrome and Firefox are the most common ones) and install that on your old computer.

If you want to know if your browser is a modern one then click this link and see if your score is greater than 360 (though over 475 is preferable).

Remember that you can zoom your browser in or out if the text is not the idea size for you.

Below is a list of issues we have discovered

  1. Result table scrolling - iPad, iPhone and sometimes Android devices do not always allow touch scrolling within a table of results on screen (trying scrolling outside the table result either on the left or the right of the screen).

If you have questions about using ClubHub software or about your status within the Club then please address those questions to Karen Olver on, or by phone on 027 436 5273.
If you believe this help text is inaccurate, misleading, insufficiently detailed or just plain wrong, please drop a line to