ClubHub for Auckland Ice Hockey Association - Helptext for Registration

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Welcome to Registration for Auckland Ice Hockey Association.

Carefully read all the information on the screen. There may be different types of member that you can register as, and this will be explained in the text next to each of the buttons. When you have decided which type is appropriate for you, click the button with your mouse to go to the next screen where you will be asked to enter some details.

From that point on, you will see a gold progress bar at the top of the screen (or a blue progress bar at the bottom of the screen if you are registering on s small device) which shows where you are up to in the registration process.

Read each screen carefully and don't worry about making a mistake, you will be given the opportunity to go back and edit your information before your registration is completed.

Once the gold FINISH tab turns grey (or it no longer appears at the bottom of the screen if you are registering on s small device), you are all done!

For more information on the registration process click here.

If you have questions about using ClubHub software or about your status within the Club then please address those questions to the Administrator on
If you believe this help text is inaccurate, misleading, insufficiently detailed or just plain wrong, please drop a line to