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Grammar Juniors Rugby Registration Options for the 2020 Season

Junior Players (ages 4-12 as at 1st January this year)
In certain circumstances players may play outside their age and/or weight grade. Please see Grammar Juniors website for details...
Registration is to be completed by a parent or guardian of the player(s).
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Please select one of these options:

I have already entered details for the 2020 Season, or I was a member last Season and I wish to re-register (only if registration is open).

Registration Note 1: You may re-activate your details from last Season if you wish (only if registration is open). Click Login and enter your username and password from last Season. The I Have Forgotten My Username or Password link may assist.

Registration Note 2: If you have already registered a Player, or as a Player for the 2020 Season, you can add more Players or Parent/Guardians using your existing login. Please do not register more than once per Season.

I wish to register Player details for the 2020 Season

I wish to register as a Friend of the Club

If you can't find the right option, maybe you want to Send the Club an email If the text is too small for your comfort, find the ZOOM feature for your selected browser.
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