Release 10.4.0

This release covers the following functionality


Users are able to use Maori macrons in emails and clubtexts, and in some other places in ClubHub., and mac.come email addresses

Since Friday 15th March 2019 Apple have been rejecting many emails ClubHub sent to these domains...


We have attempted to get in touch with Apple but they are so far unresponsive. We imagine that they have installed stricter 'it might be spam' rules on their servers.

Note that many emails do get through, so we think that large volumes of the same email to those domains is what's triggering the rejection.

When Apple reject your emails they say Message rejected due to local policy. Please visit We believe that this is their way of saying it might be spam.

That link opens a webpage that lists many rules saying how Apple need emails to be composed to be accepted. We have checked the list carefully. Our service providers have checked the technical aspects of these rules (SPF, DKIM, reverse IP address) and confirm that our servers are set up correctly.

The only thing that we are not doing is this...

Use a consistent From: name and address to clearly identify your brand.

So this means that Apple are receiving emails from apparently different clubs but all from We can see how someone setting up their spam rules might think this is a bad indicator.

So have made a following change so that emails sent to these three Apple domains will appear to your members in their inbox somewhat differently i.e.

  • the sender's name will show as 'ClubHub Communication' i.e. ClubHub Communication
  • the subject entered by you will be preceded by your organisation's name e.g. instead of 'Extra Practice Tonight' it will say 'The Super Club Inc - Extra Practice Tonight' so that your members see that it's from you.


Emails to other domains will not be affected.

We don't know whether this will cure the problem but since Apple will not respond we are at least doing what their rules state.

ClubHub Notifications

Notification emails (new registrations, recent purchases etc) now have the name of the notification within the email subject.