Release 10.6.0

This release covers the following functionality

Long Service Report

This report (which is for seasonal clubs only) now allows you to select exact long service i.e. instead of 10 year's service or over you can report on exactly 10 year's service.

Debt Reminder 

A recent change meant the replies to Debt Reminder emails always went to the club's email address rather than the email address of the person who created the reminder. The aim was to centralise the processing so that if the sender was away, or not picking up their emails, then the club still was advised.

Some users did not like this change. If you want all Debt Reminder replies to go to the person who created the reminder then please ask ClubHub Support to change this.

New Contact Function

This contact function (which is for seasonal clubs only) allows the players to be contacted even if they were not in a team last season. See Contact >> Last Season's Club Members.


ClubHub now supports registration that suits associations e.g. a company's employees in different locations or departments can now register and be managed.