Release 11.0.0

This release covers the following functionality...

The Dashboard

We have refreshed the Health Check that administrators see on their Home page…

  1. It's now called Dashboard
  2. There are mandatory Dashboard items that all administrators always see (unless no cases exist), and there are optional Dashboard items that an administrator can choose to add (just for their login) via Tasks >> Dashboard.


When an administrator goes to Tasks >> Dashboard every possible Dashboard item is shown with your organisation's real information. Some of these optional Dashboard items may be very informative to you, so we urge you to check the list out and add those that may be useful. For example the item called Recent Registrations which shows the last 10 people to register may be particularly useful to some administrators.

The non-mandatory Dashboard item values are recalculated when you first log in each day, and you can click recalculate if required.

Note that some Dashboard items involve quite complex processing. Large organisations may find some items slow to recalculate and should bear this in mind when adding to the Home page.

If you have any questions please read the helptext for the Dashboard, then contact ClubHub Support if it's not covered sufficiently.


We've refreshed the colours, buttons and formatting within ClubHub. The parts that you can ask to be changed to badge ClubHub to your organisation are now

  • The menu background colour
  • The header image.

For administrators only, the header image no longer displays by default. This is to provide more content on-screen. You can restore the header for your login session by clicking Show Header.