Release 8.1.0

Photo Upload

This functionality allows a member to upload a photo of themselves. Once uploaded the photo can be seen by administrators and in a couple of reports.

If you'd like Photo Upload enabled then please reply asking for this to be added. Once added you'll find instructions and advice by going into Help >> Help and searching for photo upload.


This functionality allows administrators to see a graphical representation of various data situations e.g. a pie chart with email address status…


Administrators choose from the list of available Charts, and can elect to have them display on their ClubHub Home page.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are a type of Contact Group. They are created by an administrator and allow members interested in a topic to register themselves into the topic, and to remove themselves when they are no longer interested. Examples might be

  • a rugby club wants to know who wants to be included on emails about ticket offers
  • a tennis and squash club wants to send emails to those interested in squash only, and not annoy the tennis members
  • a soccer club wants to know who is interested in amalgamating with the club in the next suburb.


If desired, you can set an Interest Group so that members may email other members of the Interest Group.

Your organisation's members manage their own membership of any Interest Group simply by logging in and ticking or unticking the group.