Old Releases

The page contains release information prior to 2016.

Release 7.2.8

Email Preview

We have made a change to ClubHub emails to allow emails to be previewed before they are sent, to save them for a day, and to view who the email was sent to. If you want to know more then search for Email Preview in ClubHub helptext i.e. go to Help >> Help and enter Email Preview in the Search field.

If you want this functionality enabled for your organisation then please advise ClubHub Support.

Note that some email contact functions that feature tick boxes for recipients (such as Debt Reminders) will not show a preview option.

Image Pasting in Emails

Users are now unable to paste images directly into emails composed in ClubHub. They are required to load the image file in the recommended manner.

Release 7.2.2

Long Service Report

There's a new report for our seasonal clubs (clubs that use rollover, not clubs with annual renewal) called Long Service Report. It allows you to see how long players have been members for, in case you have awards for such things. You'll find it under Reports >> People.

Email Timer

Some people start an email and take too long composing it, and ClubHub times out, losing their email text.
ClubHub now shows a 20 minute timer to remind the user to save their text, or to send the email.

Registration Timer

Some people start to register, get to the confirmation page, and then expect to be able to confirm hours later. They can't confirm later, ClubHub times out.

ClubHub now shows a 20 minute timer to tell the user how long they have left to confirm.

Xero Changes

Clubs that use Xero may notice some changes as we have re-written parts of the interface to improve reliability and flexibility. Our Xero administrators will receive a separate email detailing these changes.

Composing Emails

ClubHub now counts the number of people who will be contacted when you send an email before you compose the text. This avoids the situation where you compose the email and then discover no one has been selected by your criteria.

Player Linking Across Different Seasons

For seasonal clubs (clubs that use rollover, not clubs with annual renewal), the history linking has been enhanced so that you may link players if they have skipped a season. For example Adam Apple in 2015 can be linked to Adam Apple in 2013 if Adam did not join in 2014. To enable this linking operation you should either search for the player and click View, and then click View or change history links, or run the History Linking Report.

The History Linking Report shows you relevant unlinked players from all previous seasons with the most recent season presented for a Link operation. You can also link players from the player view screen, searching for any player you wish to link to.

Note that automatic Linking still only works if the Player was registered in the most recent season.

Release 7.2.1

Player and Similar Reports

The order of the columns in the completed report are now exactly the same as the field order for registration and update.

Additionally we have made significant speed improvement to some of the slower reports.

Classes with Sessions

You can now amend the number permitted into a class up or down, limited only by how many have booked already.

Reconciliation Report Improvements

The Reconciliation Report and associated income reports now handle credit adjustments better. Credit adjustments are never counted as income now.

Email Formats

With new domains being released in new formats we have relaxed the rules on what emails your members may enter e.g. bob@example.consult is now valid.

Gym Attendance Medical Conditions

The Gym Attendance Report now allows you to show emergency contact and medical conditions next to each member.

Zero Payments (not Xero)

The practice of paying for an item via a zero payment with a full Other Discount has been amended. Now the discount will update the item without the payment being created.

Delivery Address Improvement

Recording and update of delivery addresses for merchandise have been improved.

Release 7.2.0

Normal ClubHub operation has members staying in grades (categories) for the club's season, but for gyms this causes problems.

For example the gym's year might be 1 January to 31 December 2015, and Fred joins on 15 January 2015 and is put into category Boys 5 since his age is assessed on 1 January 2015, and is a member of that category until 1 January 2016. However Fred turns 6 on 28 January so he is really in the wrong category for 11 months.

We have optional functionality to

  1. put a player into their correct grade on their birthday. Thus Fred is in Boys 5 between 15 January and 27 January, and on the early morning of 28 January will be automatically moved into the next higher category i.e. Boys 6
  2. take into account the start date for coaching courses (classes) - on 15 January Fred's mum will see all the Boys 6 classes as available, since Fred will be 6 by the time they start. This same change applies to invites too, so that you cannot invite someone to a class if it won't be valid for their category on its start date.


Release 7.1.0

This release concentrates on the product area, mainly for coaching clinics (also known in ClubHub as classes).


Administrators can now set up clinics and invite some members to book them. Clinics set up in this way can be only for the invitees, or the clinic can become available to all members one a cerain date is reached.

Mandatory Yes In Clinic Bookings

Some clubs want the purchasers of a product to confirm that they have read the terms and conditions, or have not medical issues. An administrator can now specify a field on any merchansise, event for clinic that the purchaser must change from No to Yes to complete the purchase. Edit the item and look for the Yes/No Data - set to No, user must change to Yes field.

Copy a Set of Clinic Data

Administrators can now copy a complete set of clinics. For example a gym might have a set of classes from term 1, and wants to create the exact same set of data for term 2 all with the start and end dates, and booking start and end dates that you specify for the copy.

Filtering Improvements for Clinics

When listing clinics there are more options for filtering which clinics appear

  • All
  • Only Current
  • Only Future
  • Only Current + Future
  • Expired

plus further filtering by Product Category if required.

Reporting Xero Contact Id

Xero using clubs can now include the Xero contact id is reports.

Grade Coordinator Team Selection

When grade coordinators with many teams in their control are selecting teams on a small device like a tablet the list of teams is too difficult to manage.  This function now allows you to select a grade first, and then teams within that grade.

ClubHub Responsive - Version 7

Version 7 of ClubHub relates to the look and feel of the application. The main change is that ClubHub's menus and pages are "responsive". This means that ClubHub resizes itself appropriately depending on the size of the device you are using (PCs, tablets and smartphones), and enables webpages on touch devices to be manipulated via pinch to zoom.

We do not consider that, for typical use, an administrator should manage a club's membership via a tablet, even though it will work and may be useful at times. But members who only have tablet access, or who want to login using their smartphone, will find ClubHub much easier to use.

You don't need to make any changes if you access ClubHub on a PC, though you should check that you are using a recent browser for the best experience. To check that your browser is a recent one go to this website and see if your score is over 360. The higher score the better ClubHub will work.

Note: there are dozens of different browsers that you might potentially use, and it's not possible for us to test every single one. If your browser behaves or displays unexpectedly in some circumstances please email support@clubhub.co.nz and include a screenshot plus some comment, so that we can investigate.

Also note: the background colour behind the header image when you log into ClubHub is the "banner" colour. Primary administrators can amend this if it doesn't look right with the header image (via Tasks >> Configuration >> Edit Club Details) or ask ClubHub Support to amend).

Part of version 7 includes a "Favourites" menu. For most functions in ClubHub you can now select Favourites >> Add to Favourites, and that function may then be found under Favourites in the future. This change will be especially useful for those using smartphones when attending the game and wanting to access to selected ClubHub functions quickly.

Since most of these changes are for benefit of your members it’s an opportunity for you to email everyone to tell them about how the club has improved their online accessibility. We suggest an email along these lines if appropriate…

Dear Member

Our member management software  - ClubHub - has been improved to give you a better experience when you login or register via a tablet, or when you are out and about and need smartphone access to club information, or want to quickly send an email to your team.

You can now
•    Login more quickly (ClubHub can remember your password)
•    Mark functions as Favourites to speed up access
•    Check the noticeboard
•    View the Draw
•    Find the Venue i.e. a Google map
•    View a Pitch Map
•    Contact Team Members
•    View Previous Results
•    View the Competition Table.

The only thing that you need to do to experience these new functions is to make sure that your browser is a recent one.

Release 6.1.2

Email Viewer

Members can now login to ClubHub to view emails they have sent via ClubHub, or sent to them via ClubHub.

If a member is experiencing troubles receiving emails then this new feature not only provides the information that they are missing, but also will help you and the member sort out the issue.

There are any number of reasons members do not find ClubHub delivered emails in their inbox, such as

  • the email address is incorrect
  • their ISP is stopping them
  • their company's servers are stopping them
  • they are going into junk folders
  • someone with access to their inbox is deleting them
  • they are ignoring them
  • the email provider decides to bounce emails from bulk email senders (as in the recent Yahoo issue).

Using Email Review, members can login to ClubHub and

  1. view recent emails sent to them
  2. view recent emails sent by them
  3. see when an email was created and when it was sent
  4. see who was copied on the email (sender only).


Clubs may now collect repeating data on their members. For example, a car club might want the member to provide details on all their cars, or a yacht club might want the member to record any assets and their insurance details that they have stored in a club locker.

This information is not collected at registration as this would complicate the process too much, and the registration process might time out if the registering person has to go and look details up. Rather, the member will register, and then add the details for the particular asset that the club requires. The registration email and various clubtexts can reinforce this requirement.

Note that this type of data is probably not appropriate for non-year round clubs like football and rugby, since their data is rolled over each year, and assets are not retained within the archive database.

Release 6.1.1

Delivery Codes

At the request of the merchandise supplier to one of our clubs we have added a Supplier Code, to make the supplier's life a bit easier when processing orders.

Payment Form Clubtext

The Payment Form need not be called "Payment Form" any more e.g. you can call it "Pro Forma Invoice". Amend if required using clubtext 117.

Payment Form Emailing

The Payment Form can be emailed to themselves if your member wishes, at registration time, or when they are logged in.


ClubHub continues with a number of developments to reinforce security.

Release 6.1.0

This is a maintenance release only (PDO).

Release 6.0.9

Show Team for Volunteers

In the View Member Information screen (after a search) organisations that use our Teams functionality can now see which team(s) a coach or team manager is associated with, and  and can click and access the team in the same way as for players.

Email Viewer

If you want to see what registration emails look like (perhaps after you have made changes to data in clubtexts), then go to Configuration >> Review Email Text.

Those in year round clubs will see the Renewal Email text as well.

Bugs Fixes

A variery of fixes are now in place.


The main change is in this release is under-the-bonnet, and is stage 1 of improvements to the security of ClubHub.

Release 6.0.8

Merchandise Stock Control

Those organisations who use our Sale and Events functions can now control merchandise stock levels, so that an item becomes unavailable once it's been purchased (not paid, just purchased).

This stock control includes control options such as size and colour. Please read the new helptext carefully.

Registration Assistance

When people are registering there is a "breadcrumb" at the top of their pages showing their progress through registration.

The registering person can now hover on the breadcrumb and see advice on where they are up to, what they need to do next, and how to go back and change something if required.

The hover text is clubtext, so the primary administration can amend it if required (clubtexts 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 230, 232, 233).

UpFront Editor

The new WYSIWYG editor recently changed for ClubHub has been installed in UpFront (the website editor) too.


We have added a function to ClubHub to allow you to display ClubHub in widescreen mode. You will see the link on your Home page when logged into ClubHub.

Using this mode will be useful

  • If you use a widescreen monitor
  • If there's so much data that it's not easily readable e.g. when allocating players to teams.

More Instructions

Sometimes users doesn't know what to do after a successful registration - they seem to want an additional instruction telling them to close the browser. So we have created clubtext 35 and 36.

Clubtext 35 (displays after registration if money is owed)

That's registration complete, and all that you need to do now is select a payment option.

Clubtext 36 (displays after registration if no money is owed)

That's registration complete, and there's nothing else for you to do, so just close the browser.

Primary administrators can amend this text in the normal way (Tasks >> Configuration >> Configure text).

Interface to Xero

ClubHub now shows a warning message for administrators of Xero using clubs, if a payment is being made against debt that's part paid in Xero. This should avoid the situation where ClubHub cannot delete and replace an invoice.

The administrator can still make the payment, but the ClubHub clearly warns that it's a bad idea.

Reversing Credit Card Payments

Administrators are not permitted to reverse a credit card payment normally, since to do so will mean that credit card reconciliation is impossible.

However now, if the payment is marked as a credit card payment only because of the payment type selected by the administrator i.e. the payment has not gone through full credit card processing, reversal is allowed.

Release 6.0.7

New Editor

We have updated the editor that you use when composing emails, noticeboard items and the like. In most browsers things should work fine and you'll notice little difference, but if anything looks odd, then please clear your browser's cache, and try again.

Calculated School Year

For clubs that have annual renewals a school year value that was correct once becomes incorrect in following years.

If your activities depend on School Year then ask ClubHub Support to add the Calculated School Year field for your organisation, and then in the Player Report you can list the calculated value (based upon a 1 June to 31 May year).

Waiting List Charging

Organisations with a waiting list can now charge a fee for the applicant to go onto the waiting list.

Receipt Email Distribution

Previously, receipt emails were sent to one of the email addresses recorded for a family, seemingly randomly, and this led to slight confusion in some cases, and extreme annoyance in others (where the non-paying parent seemed to get the credit for payment).

ClubHub now sends a receipt email to all email addresses for a family, so that there is no confusion on whether payment has been made, and thus less likelihood of both parents paying a debt.

Optional Email for Automatically Created Parents

Recently we changed ClubHub so that when the administrator registers someone the registration email is not sent automatically, but becomes a choice for the administrator. This change did not include a choice about the registration email sent to parents when you updated an automatically created parent name for the first time.

That function now provides the choice as well.

Turn a Coaching Course Attendee into a Player

Some clubs will be pleased to find that coaching course attendees can now easily be turned into real club members. Administrators will use the Move function to achieve this.

Release 6.0.6

Technical Changes

Much of the development for this release is invisible to Clubhub users, since they are to cope with changes to ClubHub's underlying operating systems. If you notice anything not working as expected then it's very important that you advise us quickly, so that we can fix ASAP.

Menu Changes

We've made the top menu a little larger to make navigation easier.

My Contacts

ClubHub now allows members to set up contact between each other. For example tennis club members might want to regularly arrange games within a select group. Each person would locate the members they are interested in contacting and request that contact be permitted. If accepted then thereafter those two members can see each others contact details, and can email as required.

Note that My Contacts will work best for year around clubs. We don't recommend it for seasonal clubs like football and rugby where team contact provides similar functionality.

Release 6.0.5

Display Categories

If your organisation has many merchandise items and coaching courses and events available to your members, then Display Categories will make it easier for them to find what they want to buy. Products for sale can be attached to a Display Category and the member just opens the category they require.

To use Display Categories

  1. go to Tasks >> Sales and Events >> Maintain Display Categories and create those required
  2. Edit your products picking the Display Category that it should be categories under, and press Update.

Sold Out Coaching Clinics

Previously a coaching clinic stopped appearing once it was sold out. Now the coaching clinic will be shown, but will be unavailable for purchase.

This will reduce queries from members telling you that they can't find the item they are looking for.

Member Wants More Than One Merchandise Item

A merchandise item can have several options such as a shirt being available in red and blue. A member who wants both could not buy both during their purchase session since only one item was available.

Products with many options will now display the text

If you want to purchase additional options for this item, complete this purchase with your registration and then login to purchase more.

The alternative for your organisation if this solution does not meet your needs is to create one item for each option so that both appear.

Remembering Purchases During Registration

Previously if a member selected items for purchase during registration and then decided to edit their details before completing registration, their selections were forgotten and needed to be reselected. ClubHub now remembers.

Allow prompt Payment Discounts for Type 2 clubs

Seasonal clubs can now have prompt payment discounts, and this can apply to just renewing members, or include new registrations as well.

Extra Customfields

We have added DATE as a new type of customfield. So if you wanted to store Car Registration Date you would ask ClubHub Support to add that field in the DATE format.

Once added your members would select a day, select a month, and then enter the year, and ClubHub would ensure that's a valid date.

Release 6.0.3

Product Delete for Xero Clubs

For clubs using Xero, members can now delete unpaid merchandise and event/coaching course purchases even when the invoice has been created in Xero already (presuming that delete is permitted for the product and that the club has Xero auto-delete turned on).

Document Management

If you have documents that you want to make available to your members but you do not want to post them on your website or email them, then ClubHub Documents is a solution, since members must login to ClubHub to view them.

This function allows you to load documents (and images) and make them available to members within the Club depending on their role in the Club. For example, you can make one document available to grade coordinators, and another available to all members.

Product Reporting Change

We have made a change to merchandise and coaching course reporting so that the special fields, the ones defined for that product, appear in their own columns.

Since different products have different column headings you'll only see this change when you select just one merchandise item or coaching course. If you select several then the report will show the extra fields under the product name as before.

Release 6.0.1

This release details a number of changes made over the last couple of months.

Gradeco Coordinator Email Validation

Grade coordinators are now able to manage Email Validation from a Health Check on their ClubHub home page.

One Day Competitions

Our competition software now allows for tournaments played over a single day.

Delete Old Orders

Any purchases that have not been paid for can now be deleted in bulk.

Team Sheet Player Listing

Netball centres now have a new games day score sheet that lists all players (so that they can be checked off).

Common Renewal Date Advice

Clubs that have a common renewal date for their members will now be advised a week before renewal emails are dispatched.

Release 6.0.0


This release is concerned only with refunds.

We have introduced a change to make the refunding of payments easier, and to make ClubHub reflect the real financial position more accurately.

This replaces the previous recommended practice which involved creation of debit and credit adjustments to keep the member accounts balanced.

You can refund any paid item in ClubHub by clicking the Refund link that appears when you select Manage existing purchases and bookings for this group in the payment area.

You are given the choice of refunding the money, or deleting the transaction and turning the money into a credit for the member. The choices are explained on the refund screen.

Whatever option you choose the transaction, the result is that the paid transaction will no longer appear in ClubHub as income.

As part of the refund process you can allocate some of the refund to be retained as a club administration fee.

Of course, creating a refund does not get the money into the member's hands - this step is done outside ClubHub. To help you remember to do this the refund should be marked as confirmed when you have done the outside-ClubHub steps. Refunds that are not confirmed are reported in the administrator's Health Check.

In addition to this change we have

  1. split the Adjustment Report into Debit Adjustments and Credit Adjustments
  2. created a Refund Report
  3. made changes to the Reconciliation Report to clearly show
    1. the refunded total
    2. the amount retained as administration fees.
  4. allowed for refund of credits (in a similar way to refunds).

Release 5.9.4

Text Alignment Icons

In the editor, when creating emails and noticeboard items and the like, the text can be left aligned, right aligned, and centre aligned.

This change was also made for UpFront page editing.

Xero Credit Note Descriptions

When ClubHub creates a Xero Credit Adjustment it retrieves the description from Xero and stores it in ClubHub in the Identifier for that payment. This means that members can see the purpose of the credit note in their statement.

Team Organiser Report

A new report for team organisers (for organisations that allow team registration in ClubHub) has been created.

Administrator LogonAs

This feature can be enabled for one or more of your organisation's ClubHub administrators.

It allows the administrator to log on as any club member, as if they were that person.

Turn Off Renewals

For year round organisations the renewal of members can be delayed by ClubHub Support on request. If renewals are turned off then administrators will see that reported in the Health Check on their ClubHub home page.

Competition (League) Team Removal

When teams are removed from competitions any charge for entering that competition needs to be deleted first. Now, for competitions featuring team registration, those charges are deleted automatically.

This effectively means that you can create competitions for use during competition registration, and then easily move the teams from that competition into the actual competition.

Report Settings

For reports that feature field tick boxes your last set of field selections for that report will be recalled the next time you run it.

Renewal Email Suppress

When administrators of year round organisations renew a subscription manually they can decide whether the renewal email should be sent or not.

UpFront Slideshows

In our website creation software the user can now control the dimensions of the images displayed in the slideshow.

Release 5.9.3

Report Tab Names

When reports are created their name appears in the browser tab, to make is easier to identify them if several have been created.

Player [or whatever players are called in your organisation] Merge

You should already know about the Duplicate Players Report. Now, when duplicates are reported, you can merge the players into one.

The first step is to merge the families together, and this is achieved via the Merge this Family Group with another one link when you've searched for someone.

Once the Family Group is merged a link Manage Duplicate Players in the Family Group appears if

  • first name is identical
  • surname is identical
  • date of birth is identical
  • gender is the same.

Have a read of the helptext for more information - click the All Help Topics link and look for Player Merge (use control F and enter "merge").

Common Anniversary Date

ClubHub can be set up (for all year round clubs) so that everyone has the same Anniversary Date. Thus is doesn't matter when someone registers in the year - they will all be renewed in the next season on the same day.

If yours is a year round club the primary administrator will be sent an email explaining this change in detail.

Release 5.9.2

Show Calendar when Picking Dates

In our Competitions (AKA Leagues) software a calendar is now displayed when changing dates, so that selection is more accurate.

Testing Registration

An administrator can now test registration to see exactly what the person registering sees.

This function is available before registration opens, and even when archiving hasn't been run, so there's no more need to manipulate grade dates to achieve this.

ClubText Editing

We have now made the editing of clubtexts (see Tasks >> Configuration >> Configure Text) almost fully available to primary administrators.

Please be very careful when editing text, as any spelling mistakes, grammar errors and poor html editing can make ClubHub look pretty amateurish.

And you must always test your changes, regardless how minor they seem.

Historical Statement

Administrators can now see the statement for archived members.

Release 5.9.1

Confirming Email Address

Many clubs and organisations have asked us to have the registering person enter their email address twice, to lessen the chances of it being incorrectly entered.

This has now been implemented.

Competition Venue Allocation

We have introduced a new method of pitch allocation in our competitions module - there are now two

  • Use Best Pitches allocates games to the best pitches first, and
  • Early As Possible allocates games as early as possible over all pitches.

Grade Coordinator Edit

Grade Coordinators may now also edit parent/guardian data if they are permitted to edit player data.

Family Edit

Players and parent/guardian are now permitted to edit the data for everyone in their family (if this facility is turned on for your club). Please ask ClubHub Support to enable this if it’s required.

And it’s possible that you want this function, but would like it disabled for a particular family. This is possible too, via a request to ClubHub Support to disable that particular family (if this function is used heavily we will allow administrators to set it in the future).

Browser Tab Names

The first browser tab in ClubHub will now be called Main (rather than ClubHub - clubname - Online Management), report results will appear in a tab called Report and Help in a tab called Help.

This will assist you in identifying the main ClubHub window.

Waiting List Enhancement

When you view potential members in the Waiting List you currently just see only default fields such as name, date of birth and email address. You can now ask ClubHub Support to add additional fields to this list.

And in this same area, you can now add a note about the member or his application, and you can see the latest note displayed.

Release 5.9

We have two new email contact types that will appear under Contact >> Additional Club Selections if you ask us to turn it on for your organisation.

Coach Contact

The first is called Coach Contact and allows a coach (or team manager, assistant coach) to list and contact any or all coaches (or team managers, assistant coaches) within the club.

If you would like your coaches to be able to contact each other them please ask ClubHub Support to add this function. Note that this applies to people attached to a released team.

Grade Coordinator Contact

The second is called Grade Coordinator Contact and allows a grade coordinator to list and contact any or all grade coordinators within the club.

If you would like your grade coordinators to be able to contact each other them please ask ClubHub Support to add this function. Note that this applies only to grade coordinators who are attached to a grade.

The "Website" Feature

Administrators for clubs that use our UpFront CMS software will find a new option under Tasks >> Web Content >> Website. Some administrators will already be familiar with this function.

The Website feature gives your club the ability to get data into your UpFront website without changing the website.

For example you could have a dynamically changing newsfeed that you want to appear in your website pages via ClubHub. There's an example here.

Any web content created this way can be incorporated into your Club's website, and there are several examples on the UpFront Tips website.


We have upgraded the editor used when you are creating emails, noticeboard items, trade & exchange items, and the like.

We think you'll find the new version cleaner and fresher, but especially significant is that it does not have the previous version's issues associated with pasting from Microsoft Word.

Note: UpFront users might be wondering if the new editor will get implemented in UpFront - yes, we will do this soon.

New Draw Type

For the clubs that use our Competition (or Leagues) functionality a new type of draw is available. This draw type is designed to be used by football clubs that run internal junior competitions where

  • the teams are to have two games on the day, with the second immediately after the first
  • pitches are to rotate so the least walking between games is required.


Please check Help >> Help when in the Competition area to see how to set this up.

Release 5.8.3

This release contains a number of new features which are described below. Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz if you have any questions

Delivery Fees for Merchandise

We have enhanced the delivery fee mechanism, to force the delivery fee to be charged, and to allow for a delivery address to be entered.

Delivery Batching is suitable for

  • organisations who have a single supplier and wish to send a delivery list to the supplier, or
  • organisations who are going to do the deliveries themselves.

It is not suitable for organisations who have multiple suppliers and wish to send multiple delivery lists.

Discount Selection Confirmation

We have added a confirmation step for people who have selected discounts within the registration process.

This confirmation step lists all discounts and players for the family, and require that the user ticks a box confirming it’s correct. The club will decide on the text they want displayed within this confirmation step, and ClubHub recommends that this explains the policy clearly, and details the consequences of incorrect claims.

Bulk Score Entry

For the users of our competition (AKA league) software, scores may be entered in bulk. See Tasks >> Competitions (or Leagues) >> Enter Results for the whole Club.

Draw Generation

For the users of our competition (AKA league) software, there are now 3 types of draw that may be generated, and the draw type applies to every league in the centre.

The draw types are

  • ClubHub Optimised
  • ClubHub Standard
  • Netball Fixed (for 6 and 8 team draws).

Most clubs are set to ClubHub Optimised. If you wish to investigate changing the way draws are generated for your organisation then look for the link Click here to to see the draw styles available, and how seedings affect the draw in the helptext for competitions.

Award Groups

For our users of the awards software, we have added the concept of a Composite Award. A Composite Award is set up with several contributing awards.

  • When a member gets one of its Contributing Awards they are automatically given the Composite Award in Incomplete status.
  • When a member has all Contributing Awards they are automatically given the Composite Award in Complete status.

History Tidy Up

We have rationalised the team/player history, so that if a player is temporarily placed in a team and then removed again, this will not appear in the player's history.

Registration Progress and Linking Report Enhancement

The Registration Progress report now includes 2 new columns: All Players and Linked Players.

Comparing these figures gives you an idea of the number of new players in a grade, versus the number of renewing players in a grade. This is more accurate if you keep on top of your linking by regularly running the history report and linking players that the system has been unable to automatically link.

The linking report now has the suggested links at the top of the report.

Resign/Delete Member

This area has been amended if you are working with a family group. If a parent has a role or awards within the club, you might want to keep them when you resign/delete the child they are associated with. This is now possible.

Release 5.8.1

Firstly, you may notice that we are presenting these release notes in a different way that previously. The forum that we used before has been plagued by unpleasant posts from unpleasant characters, and, since it wasn't used very much for suggestions we have decided to stop using it.
In the next few days we'll move all the release notes, suggestions and FAQs here, and you'll find no problems locating the information you require. You can still make suggestions and ask questions, but that'll need to be via an email to ClubHub Support. Any questions that we feel are relevant to other ClubHub users we will publish here.

Booking Redesign

The current design of coaching clinic bookings in ClubHub (AKA classes, events, Skills Training Courses, Regattas, Training Courses) allows places to be overbooked in some circumstances.
We have now amended ClubHub to avoid this possibility, in the following way:
  1. Display the number of places available on a class to the person making the booking i.e. 9 spaces available as at 10:10 AM
  2. On confirmation of a booking e.g. at the end of registration, double-check that the classes booked are still available and the booking hasn't been taken by someone else registering or booking at the same time - if one of the bookings is now unavailable then the user must return to the list of bookings available and reselect
  3. Administrators may request a daily email that lists bookings unpaid after 2 days - this gives the opportunity for the administrator to delete an unpaid booking and to make it available to someone else. We have set this up for you but you can delete it if necessary, and another administrator can set it up for themselves (login as administrator, My Details >> Options >> Receive Notifications by Email, then add or remove Members not paying for Limited Access Clinics).
Note a related change - previously clubs could choose to have the limit on the number of bookings based upon whether they were paid or not - this can also lead to over-bookings, and we have removed this option.

Xero Changes

We have made a change to the ClubHub to Xero interface that we think you'll be very happy with. To get it enabled you need to reply, requesting that it's turned on.

Previously when a debt was sent to Xero and was then subsequently paid in ClubHub (by credit card or credit adjustment) ClubHub would say

Paid on Credit Card or Credit Adjustment - please void in Xero

Now, draft and approved invoices (that have had no payment in Xero, and are not in closed off periods) will be automatically deleted and replaced with a new draft invoice for the correct amount.

Invisible Grades

If you have a Grade* that you don't want anyone (except you as administrator) to use, then that's quite easy to set up. For example, you might want this for an elected position such as a Life Member.
  1. Create a Grade Type with Grade Available for Registration: set to No
  2. Make sure it doesn't have "wait" anywhere in its description (else ClubHub will think it's a waiting list grade type) - "Invisible Grade" or "Hidden Grade" is appropriate
  3. Edit the grade to be hidden and set the value in Grade Type to this new grade type.
ClubHub Support is very happy to do this for you if requested.
* also known as League, Age Group, Section, Division, Category, Registration, Location, Competition, Membership

Renewals When Subscription is not Paid

Clubs that automatically generate annual subscriptions may optionally allow annual member renewals to be generated even when the member's subscription is not paid.

Please contact ClubHub Support if this is required.

Member Name in Report 

We have now ensured that the Merchandise Report and the Clinic Report both treat member name in the same way i.e. first name in a separate column to last name.
This allows for easier sorting when cut and pasted into an excel spreadsheet.

Credits in Analysis Reports

The Merchandise Analysis Report and the Clinics Analysis Report now show the total of credit adjustments made against reported items, so allow the amounts to be reconciled to other reports.

Duplicate Player Report

This is an important report for all clubs and we encourage you to run it occasionally to ensure that you have no duplicate registration. We have now added Team as a column in this report as requested by some users, to assist in member identification.

Release 5.8.0

Thursday Aug 30, 2012 3:47 pm

Release 5.8.0 is the move of ClubHub to a new server and new IP address.

If you are having trouble connecting to Clubhub, it might be because ClubHub has moved to a different place. Follow the steps below to remove old and inaccurate information on your computer that is stopping you getting to the correct ClubHub website.

Either Windows or your browser thinks it knows where ClubHub is, but it doesn't, so we have to tell one or both of them to update themselves.

It might be that your Windows DNS file needs a refresh:

1. Open the Start menu
2. Go to Run (if you do not see the Run command, search for "run" in the Search bar)
3. In the Run text box, type: ipconfig /flushdns
4. Press Enter or Return, and your cache will be flushed.

And/or, it might be that your internet browser needs a refresh:

To do this with the Firefox internet browser (if you don't use Firefox, then Google "clear browser cache" for your particular internet browser)

1. Firefox Options >> Advanced >> Network tab
2. Press Clear Now for Your web content cache is currently

Release 5.7.0

This release contains a number of new features which are described below. Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz if you have any questions.

Member Attributes

The primary administrator may now amend member fields i.e. the fields that are completed at registration.

You can access this via Tasks >> Edit Member attributes. We ask that you don't treat this lightly - considerable care is required to avoid mistakes, and it's really for:

  • Subtle changes to captions
  • Amending the postscript that follows some fields
  • Adding new radio buttons
  • Adding new dropdown options.

For complex changes please contact ClubHub Support and you'll need to ask ClubHub Support if you want new fields added.

View Grades

The View Grades function (or whatever grades are called for your ClubHub) now gives extra detail so that administrators can verify that values are set up to their exact requirements.

File Upload

We have changed the upload rules when you load an image or document more than once when composing an email.

Previously when you re-upload a file called report.doc the re-uploaded file would be given a new name i.e.

  1. First file upload - file is given name "report.doc"
  2. You need to change report.doc
  3. Second file upload again - given name report(1).doc


Step 3 is changed, and ClubHub will now overwrite the existing file thereby retaining the same name.

Note that this also applies to our UpFront product.

Competition (aka League) Changes

The Competition Tables report run by the administrator can now be filtered by Competition Group, to give a smaller result for easier selection.

When you are charging teams for a competition those not charged are shown in red to make them more obvious.

Additionally there is now a Competition Charge Generation Completeness report, to be found under Reports >> Competitions. Any uncharged teams (where the competition has a charge) are listed.

Teams can no longer be removed from competitions where they have been charged for that competition (you need to delete the charge, then remove them).

Release 5.6.3

This release contains a number of new features which are described below. Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz if you have any questions.

Club editing

Primary administrators may now edit their organisational details themselves. This function may be found under Tasks >> Configuration. Every field is explained in the helptext. Your ClubHub banner image may also be updated by selecting a new one from a list of images already loaded into ClubHub. However ClubHub Support is still happy to make changes for you if you prefer.

Administrator creation

Primary administrators may now add new administrators, and remove administrator logins no longer required. Note that administrators should only be created where absolutely required as any one of them can make significant changes to your data. This functionality may be found under Tasks >> Manage Members. The helptext available when adding an admin gives details of the process we recommend.

Exclusive functions

Primary administrators may wonder what function they get that other administrators don't get. The exclusive functions are listed via a link from your ClubHub home page.

RSS simplified

Some clubs use our RSS function to populate their UpFront club website e.g. they have a latest news website and a member manages the content from ClubHub. To get consistency in the text formatting of the RSS topics we no longer allow Microsoft Word content to be directly copied into RSS - instead the content is copied without any formatting, so that the formatting specified in your UpFront website is used.

Release 5.6.2

This release contains a number of new features which are described below. Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz if you have any questions.


ClubHub can now be used with PayPal. This means that clubs get set up to accept credit card payments much more quickly and with a good deal less hassle than when establishing a merchant account at one of the banks. We do not recommend that clubs currently accepting credit cards change, but clubs currently without credit card facilities can be connected if they wish.

Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz for more details.

Phone Number Length Validation

We now validate phone number length according to the country you are in. That means, for our Australian customers, that phone numbers must be at least 8 digits long.

Resignation Reason

When administrators resign members they may now enter the reason they were resigned, for later reference using the View function.

Merchandise Purchases

Sometimes members purchasing products select the size or colour they want, but then leave the number of items required at zero, thus failing to make the purchase. We have changed this area so that if they select a colour or size we set the number they wish to purchase to 1.

Debit Adjustment - Xero Account

This is for the customers who use the Xero accounting system with ClubHub. When creating a debit adjustment you can now select the Xero account you'd like it to go to.

Blank Out Last Season's Data on Re-register

This is for the customers who have seasonal clubs e.g. their season runs for 4 months and then we "rollover" each year. You can now nominate which fields should be blanked out when players re-register. For example the value recorded for School in 2012 may not be the same in 2013, and we want that value blanked out when they re-register in 2013 to remove the temptation to leave the field untouched. When rollover for next season comes around we will raise this topic, so no need to do anything now.

Competition/League Managers

If your club appoints competition or league managers, please note that they can now create competitions (rather than relying on the administrator to do it for them).

Role Information

If a club member has a role such as Coach or Grade Coordinator, this is now shown on the View Member screen.

Email Club/School Coordinators

If your club has Club/Schools (or Collections), then you may email the Coordinators by selecting Contact >> Officials

Release 5.6.1

This release contains a number of new features which are described below. Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz if you have any questions.

Super Administrator

We are introducing the concept of a super administrator, and there will be, in the future, several functions that only the super administrator has access to. Each ClubHub organisation is only allowed one super administrator. The aim of this change is to give your organisation better control on who can do what tasks within ClubHub. We have marked the administrator that ClubHub Support deals with most regularly as the super administrator, and we will be emailing that person shortly to confirm they are the correct person for this role (unless there's only one administrator). The first of the new functions is the Populate Select Tables described below. Only the super administrator sees this function. We will be reviewing whether other tasks that all administrators currently have should be super administrator only functions shortly. If you have any feedback on this, please contact ClubHub Support by email.

Populate Select Tables

Under Tasks >> Populate Select Tables the super administrator will find that they can manage data that previously ClubHub Support maintained on request only. Check Help >> Help for assistance.

Events Reporting

The Events Report (AKA Coaching Clinic Report) now shows detailed payment information. This allows, for example, a coaching clinic coach to accurately collect outstanding payment amounts.

Unsubscribe Functionality

Our service providers (who host the ClubHub application) have requested that we amend our email sending policies to make every attempt to avoid spam being sent by our member organisations, and to avoid emails on which your members might decide to click spam on. The problem we and you face is that if too many members click their spam button on emails you send out then ClubHub's email servers could potentially get blacklisted, thereby affecting everyone's ability to communicate. We need to make it easy for email recipients to turn off their emails so they aren't tempted to go near the spam button. Every email that you send out now has an unsubscribe link. If the email is to last season's members (for seasonal clubs) then the link is large and obvious. If they click it then you can't send them an email again. If the email is to a current member then the unsubscribe link is a little smaller and not so obvious. It's not very desirable for your organisation to have current members unsubscribed, so we have provided:

  1. A report on all current members who are unsubscribed
  2. The ability for an administrator to be notified every time a current member unsubscribes (My Details >> Options >> Receive Notifications by Email >> Create a new Notification)
  3. When an email is created a list of the unsubscribed people who will not receive it is displayed. We expect very few current members to unsubscribe.

Your most likely response to an unsubscribed email will be . to realise that you've forgotten to delete or resign that person and then to do so, or . to ring them and ask why they don't want any emails and how can they be a member and not know what's going on (some may be a mistake).

Grade Closing Automated Email

The grade closing email has proved popular with several organisations. We have amended the wording so that it's clearer that the grade closes WITHIN the number of days stated, rather than IN that number of days.

Admin Only Merchandise and Events

Admin can avoid members seeing products that the club might purchase on their behalf e.g. a coaching clinic by invitation. To do this set Make Clinic available for purchase - During Registration to No Make Clinic available for purchase - After Registration to No

Release 5.6.0

Is a maintenance release only i.e. it consists of internal changes to make ClubHub perform better. 

Release 5.5.2

This release contains a number of new features which are described below. Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz if you have any questions.

Reconfigure Competitions (for users of ClubHub's competition functionality)

You can now end a competition and start a new one of the same name - in one action (as long as the competition is one where the results aren't displayed). This effectively allows teams to be changed within an existing competition.

Administrator Only Discounts

Administrator can now set a discount (user selected discounts not earlybird discounts) to be visible only to administrators and not to a registering member. This means that a discount like "Committee member - full discount" cannot be selected by a member.

Xero and GST (for clubs that use the Xero interface)

ClubHub no longer calculates the GST portion of any amounts passed to Xero, and Xero does the GST calculation. This eliminates the possibility of tiny calculation differences.

Facebook (for users of ClubHub's competition functionality)

A FaceBook LIKE button appears when someone is looking at the combined view (draw, results and table) for a particular team.

Renewal Report (for annual type clubs e.g. tennis)

The Renewal Report now allows sorting by clicking the report results header. This allows, for example, listing of everyone with a particular discount.

Dropdown Fields

Dropdowns fields can now be set up to force users to select a value. For example we can have the first value as blank, and require the user to select a different value during registration. For example you might have an Ethnicity dropdown. Instead of the first option being European and remaining so when the user ignores it, it can now be blank, and the user requested to update the value.

Archived Competition Reporting (for users of ClubHub's competition functionality)

Archived competitions can now be reported upon.

Contact Last Year's Team

We have built a new function that allows . administrators . grade coordinators . people to whom the club gives the coach role in the new season. to contact any team from last season. Administrators and grade coordinators get the new function by default, and coaches get it if you ask ClubHub Support to add that function for your club. Note that this function gives coaches the ability to contact any team, not just ones they were associated with last year - we can add a message to the team selection page if you wish to make a statement to them.

Statements with current Earlybird Discounts

We have cleaned up the member statement a little, to make it clearer how the discount applies to the amount owed.

Release 5.5.1

This release contains a number of new features which are described below. Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz if you have any questions.

Delete coach roles

In addition to clubs being able to give the coach role to those who volunteer (Tasks >> Manage Members >> Team Coaches), you can now remove the coach role from those who did not get assigned to a team.

Allocating Players to a Team

This function no longer shows resigned people, making life a little easier for you.

Competition Draw Generation

Times and fields are now issued randomly, so that the first teams don't get mostly earlier games, and vice versa.

Debtors Report

We now have a Debtors Report. See Reports >> People.

Credit Card Reversals

We now do not allow the reversal of credit card payments within ClubHub, as this just causes reconciliation issues.

Resigned People

Administrators can no longer make any financial changes to resigned people. They must be restored first.


Some players from last year may not be interested when asked to re-register. They can now disable contact via an Unsubscribe link.

Administrator Re-register

For various reasons sometimes families and players cannot be re-registered by the administrator. If they cannot then the reason is shown to the administrator. Release 5.5.0 Release Notes

Support for Xero API V2

Xero is the online accounting software to which ClubHub can interface. This change was necessary as Xero will withdraw support for V1 some time in 2012. We will contact our Xero customers with details of the change, explain how it will affect them, and suggest a cross-over date.

Additional Search Item

There is an additional data field on the search screen. You can enter a string to be searched for for in any registration information not already covered (i.e. not name, email adress or login name). For example, if you collect occupation information, you could type in 'Ëœelectrician' and you would then see a list of all members with that occupation.

Look and Feel Enhancements

We have made several changes to the way ClubHub looks and feels and how you navigate between functions. We hope you enjoy them. 

Release 5.4

This release contains a number of new features which are described below.

Enhanced Contact All Club Members by Type 

We have enhanced this Contact Option to make it easier for the administrator to contact the subset of members they want to. The Contact >> All Members by Type now gives you a list of checkboxes for all the different types such as Players, Parents, Self organised team members, clinic attendees, Coaches etc and you can check whichever combination suits your purpose. Note that if recipients fall into more than one category, they will only receive one email (as is standard in ClubHub).

Non Player/Parent Coaches, Grade Coordinators can register themselves

You will find Coaches and Grade Coordinators now exist as a Non Playing Member (or Associate - your description may vary) Type in the Tasks >> Configuration >> Associate Types. These types will have the checkbox labelled 'open for registration' set to N. If you change it to Y, then these people can register in the normal place.

Report Player Duplicates

This report, for clubs with individual player registration, shows players who may be duplicated in your membership list. Running this report occasionally allows you to tidy up their data.

Report Unexpected Grades

This report, for clubs with individual player registration, lists players who are not in the grade the system would calculate for them. While this may be correct, it allows administrators to check them.

Minor enhancements/fixes

Several minor changes have been made to screen layout,  text and function as requested by some of our customers. For example, a club administrator can now reset a password for an archived member so that the member can re-register themselves if they have forgotten their login details and have changed their email address since last season.

Other Changes

There are also some deeper changes in the system which will allow for new functions to be announced shortly.

Release 5.3.5

This release is all about the Competition system. We have made many changes here, especially giving players better access to information. Please re-read the helptext if you are a competition user, and note especially

  1. New reports that allow table, results and draws to be cut and pasted
  2. These reports now available to Competition Managers (as well a Club Administrators)
  3. Better navigation within the competition area (this will be extended across all ClubHub in due course)
  4. Venue Conflict checking (which is quite slow if you have many competitions) can now be turned off and on
  5. Ability to order competitions as required via a sequence field
  6. Referees can be added to games (advise me if you want this added, there is setup work required at our end)
  7. Referees (and gradecos and coaches) can now register into ClubHub if you want them set up in this way
  8. User access improved, including ...a. enhanced information (the combined view) ...b. book-markable links ...c. links to a single competition group
  9. A report on all competition and group links for website inclusion for easy access to draws and results
  10. Each club now has a value that controls how long after a competition closes the data continues to display for the users - the default is 14 days, please advise if you want a different value. Also clubs and organisations can elect not to automatically send email receipts and not to make PDF receipts available.


Release 5.3.4 

We have had several minor releases recently, many of which may be directly relevant to your organisation, and this document summarises them. Please contact support@clubhub.co.nz if you have any questions.


Registration may now have gender selection include "Not Selected". "Not Selected" is invalid of course, forcing the registering person to select one of Male and Female. This avoids any mistakes where the default gender is left untouched, and the member ends up in the wrong grade. Please advise support@clubhub.co.nz if you would like the "Not Selected" option enabled for your organisation.

Registration Advice on Junk Email Folders

To reduce issues with members not getting registration confirmation emails we added some text to the webpage displayed when the user successfully registers. After registration the user will see A confirmation email containing your login has been sent to you. Please look for it now. If you have not received it within a few minutes then please check your email client's junk folders. If you do not receive the email, please contact [your organisation's administrator name] on [your organisation's administrator email address], or by phone on [your organisation's telephone number (if present)] who can correct the email address you provided.

Email from Registration Options

We have added a feature to the registrations options webpage that allows anyone to send an email to your organisation's email address. We expect this will be used to ask registration questions e.g. when does it open. This feature is available all year i.e. whether registration is open or closed.

New Zealand Football

We have integrated the new NZF number into ClubHub and provided a conversion service to get the new numbers painlessly into ClubHub. Football clubs that have not yet used this service may contact support@clubhub.co.nz for more information.

Grade to show on Unregistered Player Report

Many of you have asked for this - it's now available.

Grade Closing Alert

For seasonal clubs like rugby and football clubs, grade registration is no longer open when the closing dates are reached. This is sometimes unexpected. These clubs will now receive emails warning them when a grade is about to close. There is also a warning for these types of clubs when the season is about to close i.e. members can no longer log in.


We have created several new label printing functions for organisations using the Competitions Module.

Release 5.3.1


We have made a number of changes in this area.

1. Swap teams - you may swap one team out of a competition and replace it with another team without having to regenerate the draw, thereby retaining venues and times (only competitions that haven't started)

2. Create crossover games - you may create non-competition games between the bye teams in two or three competitions.

3. Enter team playing availability - you can state that a team cannot play at the same time as another one in a different competition (they may share players), and you may set the hours that a team is available for game scheduling. This will not affect the draw generation but you may review conflicts (see 5 below) and adjust your draw accordingly.

4. View venue and time conflicts - if games are scheduled for the same venue and time this is reported as a time scheduling conflict.

5. View team availability conflicts - if games are scheduled at the same time for teams that cannot play each other, or the scheduled time is outside a team's availability this is reported as a team scheduling conflict.

6. Delete competitions - competitions may be deleted, restored and purged.

7. Print game sheets - create PDF files for game sheets and game labels (selected clubs only).

Financial reports

Most financial reports can now report on previous season's data. The default dates when reports are requested are now set to include only the current season.

Regatta Report

This is a report to make running regatta registration easier.

Release 5.3.0

Merchandise Changes

Merchandise items and event/coaching clinics are now much more flexible. For example 1. coaching courses can now be made available to non-players, for example, parents 2. items can be mandatory for purchase at registration 3. you can request additional information on purchase e.g. you might want to ask for their favoured position when they are booking a coaching course. 4. items can be sold only to specific grades. 5. items can be made mandatory for particular grades at registration We hope you have a look at this area to understand how these changes may help your organisation.

Xero Interface Changes

Users of the Xero interface can now choose how invoices are created in Xero from ClubHub debts. Options are . Create Invoices for one Invoice per Family Group - use this where you expect a Family Group to pay for all items with one payment

  • Create Invoices for one Invoice per transaction - use transaction date for Xero Invoice
  • Create Invoices for one Invoice per transaction - use current date for Xero Invoice.

Xero user can set these up for themselves, using Task >> Xero >> Configuration.

Previous Season Debt Management

It's now possible (for organisations who have annual registration) for an administrator to receive an email when someone who had a debt last year registers this year.

Contact ClubHub Support if you'd like this activated for your club.

Club Email Signatures

Emails sent by the ClubHub system on behalf of an organisation such as:

  • Renewals (for annual clubs)
  • Debt Reminders
  • Email Validation
  • Registration
  • Email Receipts can use a customisable signature

If the standard signature isn't what you want please contact ClubHub Support. 

Version 5.0.10

Merchandise "not available for purchase"

We have made a change in the merchandise area. Items that are set to No for both Available for purchase - During Registration Available for purchase - After Registration may be purchased by the administrator i.e. these setting are ignored for administrator purposes.

Clinic Report

Some issues with the selection of player fields when Choose Data is selected have been resolved.

Being Logged In More Than Once

Some users of ClubHub wish to be logged in twice, normally to one club using different logins, or (where administrators are employed by two clubs or members are in two or more clubs that use ClubHub) into two clubs.

We do not recommend this, but since some users will try it please note the following

  1. Logging in twice using the same browser does not result in an error being issued, but the two logins can and will get completely mixed up. This is a very bad idea, please do not contemplate this if you want your club's data to be correct.
  2. Users can be logged in twice successfully if they use a different browser for each one e.g. login as admin in one club in Firefox, and as admin in a different club in Internet Explorer. However, since it would be easy for the user to get things confused, so we would not recommend this action.
  3. All browsers e.g. Internet Explorer and its versions, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and all the others, behave in subtly different ways, and it's a real challenge sometimes to make ClubHub behaviour the same across them. If you get any odd or unwelcome behaviour in your browser in this timeout/login area, please advise us what's happened and what browser you were using.

If we can replicate the problem we can fix it.

Version 5.0.8

This release contains the following changes.

  • Financial Notes
  • Email address format
  • Marketing Emails
  • Improved Payment Form
  • Credit Adjustments and Player Report
  • Credit Adjustments Identifier Length
  • Child with no Parent
  • Local Time Bar Messages
  • Multi-grade Player Report
  • Balance Accounts
  • Avoiding duplicate registrations
  • Defaulting parent values
  • Administrator Registrations ignore closed grades
  • Subscription Discounts.

Please read the following carefully. Several changes will be directly relevant to your club.

Financial Notes

Administrators may add a note to a person or family group. This functionality can be found when viewing club member information after a search, under Manage Payments, Purchases and Bookings.

Financial Notes are retained forever (for clubs like football which have seasonal re-registration this depends on player linking) so that you can see last year's notes too.

Email address format

We now accept email addresses with four character top level domains e.g. john@smith.name.

Marketing Emails

We have added marketing flexibility into ClubHub, so that members can elect to receive marketing emails or not.

To enable this functionality you need to contact ClubHub Support and ask that it be set up. To read more go to the FAQ section and read about Marketing Emails.

Improved Payment Form

The payment form, that a player might print and mail in with a cheque attached, now contains details of the individual items that make up the invoice. The Payment Form now also contains the internet banking details. Credit Adjustments and

Player Report

The Player Report can now list credit adjustments separately from payments. This means that you can see for each player whether their subscription is partly made up of a credit adjustment (rather than having payments and credit adjustments lumped together in the Sub Paid column). If you want this functionality you must request it from support@clubhub.co.nz.

Payment Identifier Length

The payment identifier value for payment can now be 255 character long. This was done so that credit adjustment identifiers are the same length as debit adjustment identifiers.

Child with no Parent

It's possible within ClubHub to have a child with no parent even though the grade requires that they do. For example, a senior player can register themselves, and then add a child later. The Health Check on the administrators Home page now includes a note when a child with no parent exists. We suggest that this situation is corrected, so that the emergency contact details are available if ever required.

Local Time Bar Messages

Broadcast messages warning of a period of ClubHub unavailability will now display the start of the downtime correctly (for our international customers).

Multi-grade Player Report 

The Player Report (for administrators only) features the ability to select many grades to be reported upon (it previously gave a choice of one grade or all grades).

Balance Accounts

This function (normally used at the end of season to balance non-zero accounts) now allows selected accounts to be balanced in one action). In addition to the automated creation of a credit or debit adjustment a Financial Note is also created.

Avoiding duplicate registrations

Clubs sometimes have the same person register twice, and sometimes members who want to join a coaching clinic register themselves as a coaching attendee i.e. a new person.

ClubHub now checks whether the first name, last name and date of birth combination exists already. If it does, then it tells the user that the information already is present, and encourages them to abandon registration and to login.

However ClubHub does not bar the user from registering twice, they can press Continue and ignore the duplicate check result.

Defaulting parent values

When administrators add players the "changeme" parent now has values from the child, such as address and home phone, set to the same as the child.

Administrator Registrations ignore closed grades

Previously when administrators attempted to register players against a closed grade the registration was refused, and the grade had to be opened temporarily to complete registration. Now the administrator's registration process ignores both the open/closed status and the grade's registration end date.

Subscription Discounts

We have now given administrators access to the text that makes up the discounts screen that users encounter at registration (if the club features discounts of course). Go to Tasks >> Configuration >> Configure Text and look for Text Type 150, 151, 152, 153 and 154.

Version 5.0.7

This release contains the following changes:

  • Club Role Descriptions
  • System Email Defaults
  • Administrator Emails
  • FAQs
  • Non Playing Members and Registration
  • Release Teams by Grade
  • Print own receipts
  • Easy Gradeco Login
  • Contact Merchandise Purchasers
  • Login from your website

A number of these updates to ClubHub need a little bit of thought regarding your club setup.

Club Role Descriptions

Three more "replacement" values can now be set for your club

  1. the term "administrator" can now be replaced with whatever you want, so that ClubHub emails sent on the club's behalf (registration, receipt, email validation emails etc) are signed Joe Bloggs, Club Manager or similar
  2. the term "coordinator" can now be replaced with whatever you want e.g. Manager, Leader etc so that emails are signed correctly, and so that administrator screen options refer to the correct title
  3. you can now specify a generic term for club officials (gradecos and coaches) e.g. Contact Officials.

If you want any of these defaults (Administrator, Coordinator, Official) changed, then please email ClubHub Support.

System Email Defaults

Emails that are generated by the ClubHub system (rather than being created by an individual in your club) are signed using values stored against your club. Normally these values should be set to the main administrator. The values for your organisation are may be viewed in the helptext when logged in as an administrator

  1. Go to an email creation screen
  2. Click Help >> Help
  3. Click the Note for Administrators link at the end
  4. Scroll down to see the values.

Let us know if these need to be changed.

Administrator Emails

Administrators can now have a unique email signature on all their emails, so that instead of Joe Bloggs, Club Administrator, you could have Joe Bloggs, Club Manager for one person , and Mary Smith, Club Treasurer for another. Each administrator can choose their own title (using My Details >> Update personal Info and then change the Club Title field). If administrators do not enter a value, their emails will use the default value (normally Club Administrator but dependent on the setting described in Club Role Titles above).


Some of you will have had recent questions answered by a reference to a Frequently Asked Questions section in the ClubHub forum. We've done this not only to help us answer your questions more easily, but so that we build a resource that can give you and your members faster answers to your questions.

Non Playing Members and Registration

Previously the Registration Options screen listed all non-playing member types and told them how to register. Some clubs want some non-playing member types e.g. Life Members, to be registered only by the club administrator. To set the value to control this behaviour 1. Go to Tasks >> Configuration >> Non Player Types 2. Click Edit against a non player type 3. Change Is this type of Non Player open for registration?: to No.

Release Teams by Grade

Previously teams could be released (for viewing by the coach and for email contact by the players/parents) for the whole club, or one at a time. Administrators can now release teams for selected grades.

Print own receipts

Members can now print their payment receipts when they are logged in (when they view their statement), and don't need the administrator to print and post/email them.

Easy Gradeco Login

Grade Coordinators are normally parents, and they want their parent login to include Grade Coordinator functions. This is a bit difficult for security reasons, but we have a compromise that achieves a similar result. When Grade Coordinators login as a parent, they will find a link on their Home page to view their Grade Coordinator functions. This means that Grade Coordinators do not need to know the URL for the special Grade Coordinator login, they can use the normal ClubHub login.

Contact Merchandise Purchasers

Administrators may now contact all members who have requested one or more merchandise items.

Login from your website

It is now possible to login directly from your website by embedding the username and password fields into your website. Please contact ClubHub for details of how to implement this if you are interested.

Version 5.0.6

There are 3 main items in this release.

1. Credit Adjustment Allocation The administrator may now create a credit adjustment in a similar way to a payment, so that the value can be allocated to specific outstanding debt items. The Adjustments screen now only allows the creation of debit adjustments, credit adjustments are created on the Payments Screen.

2. Report Sorting We have started to introduce report sorting - you will notice that all reports now highlight the line the cursor is on, and some reports have the text Sort Enabled after the title. If you see this, you can click on the header of a column and it will sort in either descending or ascending sequence each time you click. You can also mark a row by clicking on it - that row will remain highlighted while you sort. We intend to add this feature to several reports but at the moment it is only available for the player [footnote 1] , all members, clinics [footnote 1], and adjustments reports.

3. Extended Clinic [footnote 2] Report The Clinic Report now allows all Player [footnote 1] fields to be included on this report. Footnote 1: the description of this report for your club may vary Footnote 2: This report is variously called * Coaching Course * Coaching Clinic * Holiday Clinic * Skills Training Course * Clinic * Course * Course or Event * Course/Event * Event * Class * Trip/Course * Programme * Skills Clinic

Version 5.0.5

1. This release allows members to re-register for annually registering clubs such as soccer and rugby clubs. When a member comes to the registration screen for a new season, if they were registered as a playing member (or part of a playing member's family) in the previous season, they can enter their login details on the usual login screen. They will then be invited to check over the details from the previous season, make any amendments to information and/or family group members, then confirm their details for the new season. If you are this type of club but do NOT want to use this feature, it can be switched off - please contact support@clubhub.co.nz.

2. Email forwarding is now supported. Some members have requested that emails be sent to 2 email addresses (work and home for example). If a member wants to set this up, they will find it under the Options menu item once they have logged in. Note that this will only apply to emails sent through ClubHub - using the admin function to create a list of email addresses to use outside ClubHub will not use this feature. 

Version 5.0.4

This release provides the following features:

1. A new credit card processing option - Network International, which allows payment by Visa or Mastercard.

2. A change to the way data is copied when players register for a subsequent season. We will be asking clubs specifically which fields should be defaulted from a previous year, other than for DOB Verified, and AFF Number.

Version 5.0.3

This is primarily a maintenance release but you will see some differences. 1. We have removed phone area codes from the 3 phone numbers (home, mobile and work), and members can now enter whatever they want. This makes the field more flexible i.e. members can enter spaces and dashes e.g. 09-123-4567. We think this is the most flexible approach and should meet your needs. If you want to have some text above or beside the phone numbers on the registration screen e.g. "Please include Area Code if you are outside the Auckland area" or "Please enter your phone number exactly as our administrator in Auckland should ring it" then email support@clubhub.co.nz. 2. We have added 'date registered' to the search screen to help you identify members more easily, especially in the case of a duplicate registration.

Version 5.0.2

Trade & Exchange

This release adds a new feature known as Trade and Exchange (this description can be modified for your organisation) which allows members to advertise items they wish to trade with other members.

This has been implemented in a similar way to the noticeboard and shares many features such as being available from your static website - i.e. members do not have to be logged in to view items.

As an administrator, you will find this new task under the Web Content menu. Other members will see it under the Tasks menu.

Items have an expiry date after which they are deleted, or you can delete them manually. Since there is always the possibilty of unscrupulous usage, every item must be validated by the administrator before it can be seen by anyone else. We recommend that the registration email include a paragraph telling the user about this.

You can do this by

  1. login as admin
  2. Tasks | Configuration | Configure Text
  3. Edit clubtext number 46, entering something like "If you have any items you wish to sell or give away to other club members, or you want to buy second hand gear, then please check out our Trade & Exchange section. Log into ClubHub and select Tasks | Trade & Exchange

Other clubtexts involved in Trade & Exchange are 103 (for the add item page) and 104 (on the Trade & Exchange board).

There is default text for both of these, but you may wish to change it - instructions as above. Default text respectively is

  • Please list only items that are clean, and in good condition. Don't forget to enter your contact details i.e. name, phone number, email address etc. and
  • The club accepts no responsibility for the items posted on this board, neither the quality of the items nor the price asked. Please do not use this board unless you understand this.

Notifications are available to administrators for Trade & Exchange items awaiting approval, and for members when new items are posted. You'll find these under My Details | Options | Receive Notifications by Email. For those who use ClubHub's Web Content generation capabilities you can also create up to date content containing Trade & Exchange information for use on your club's website. Contact ClubHub Support if this is of interest and your club is not a current Web Content user.

Printing Tips

Printing Tips have been added to reports


Various bug fixes and minor enhancements

Version 5.0.1 Release Notes

This is a minor release:

  1. Support for international sales tax
  2. Various minor maintenance issues

Version 5.0 Release Notes

Version 5 has four major components.

  1. ClubHub is now running on a secure site certified by Thawte. The url has changed from clubhubssl.com to clubhubssl.com. You should notice no difference in the operation of ClubHub, but it means that the data going to and from your web pages and our database is securely encrypted.
  2. ClubHub now supports html email. What does this mean? Nearly all email clients these days support html emails which means that you can include formatting and images in your emails. For example, you can have your club logo included at the top of every email you send from ClubHub or include a photo of that winning goal.
  3. ClubHub has an integrated WYSIWIG editor WYSIWIG - What You See Is What You Get - this means that, for example, when you are creating a notice for the noticeboard, you do not need to know how to put html tags into your text to achieve a formatted look. You just choose the formatting you require from the toolbar of the new editor. We have implemented this by using a third party product called (rather unfortunately!) FCKEditor. This editor contains probably more features that you require, but if you want to make use of them, we encourage you to use the FCKEditor Help (see the ClubHub Help information to find out how to access it).
  4. File upload and management Our existing RSS implementation (which allows you to create and generate data to be immediately included in your club webpages) and the new WYSIWIG editor both allow you to upload images and a limited set of other files (e.g. PDF files) for inclusion in your web pages, notices and emails. We anticipate that you will use this upload facility in order to be able to include some images or spreadsheets in your emails for example. We do not anticipate that you will load large numbers of large files to our server. We have set limits in place for both file size and the number of files you can upload, and a management screen where you can delete unused files. Files that are not referenced will be automatically deleted after a period of 10 days. If your club requires more storage please discuss with ClubHub Support (there may be an additional charge attached).
  5. Other Changes This version also contains various maintenance changes plus a minor change in the Contact Single Team area - the team members are now displayed on a screen before you type in your message (rather than being displayed on the same screen) providing more consistency with the rest of the email area. 

Version 4.5

The main new function of this release is support for the online accounting package, Xero, www.xero.com. We will be working closely with one or two clubs this season to make sure the functions we have added are meeting their needs.

We have also added the ability to move a person from one financial group to another so long as certain criteria are met. This allows two players who may have registered individually but wish to be treated as one financial entity to be merged together, or for a group of players who wish to be in separate groups to be split up.

We have added a sequence to grade so that if you choose not to use the default sorting of minimum_age, duration and gender you can apply your own sort sequence. Let Clubhub Support know if you would like to use this feature and we can switch it on for you.

We have also added a couple of optional information areas to the View Grades screen so that you can add more explanatory text for your members if you choose to. Let Clubhub Support know if you would like to use this feature and we can set it up for you.

Prior to this release it was not possible to have different mandatory fields for junior and senior players. When a player registers, all relevant input fields must be shown for both junior and senior since we don't know at that point which one they are. However we now only check for mandatory fields after the grade has been determined.

Release 4.3.6

These changes will be/were released on Tuesday 21st October 2008. We have re-organised ClubHub help to make the information more relevant and available.

Now, when you click Help | Help you will find information related only to the screen you are on.

And if you let us know if you find the help text lacking in any way, we will be able to constantly improve it - please email support@clubhub.co.nz with comments.

Release 4.3.5

Some clubs have a season that includes the end of one year and the start of another, for example, a cricket clubs and tennis clubs. Some of these clubs don't like the way that ClubHub refers to the season by the first year of a season i.e. '¢ So and So Club Registration Options for the 2008 Season and have asked us to show both years. This change has been made, and '¢ So and So Club Registration Options for the 2008/09 Season can now be displayed. If your club would prefer this display then please advise Duncan.

Team Noticeboard

ClubHub previously allowed administrators and grade co-ordinators to create notices that can be read by all members. ClubHub now allows notices to be created by coaches as well.

A noticeboard item can also be directed to the player that it is intended for

  • Administrators can create notices for everyone, one or more grades, or one or more teams
  • Grade co-ordinators can create notices for their grades, or one or more teams in their grades
  • Coaches can create notices for their team or teams.

Anyone looking at the noticeboard when they are logged in will see only notices intended for them.

Anyone looking at the noticeboard when they aren't logged in i.e. from the club's webpage, will see all notices (notices cannot be private), but may enter their ClubHub login name to filter the information so only their notices are displayed.

A mobile phone number can also be used as an alternative to the ClubHub login name to filter the notices, but notices for anyone else who uses that phone number will also be seen.

Mobile Noticeboard

When someone is looking at their notices they will see a URL displayed designed for use on a mobile phone with internet access. If they enter that URL into their phone, they can check for new notices from the club, their grade co-ordinator or their coach or at any time.

We think this will be particularly useful to some of your members, for example, a coach can tell his team to always check the noticeboard 60 minutes before the game for any late cancellations or ground changes.

This will both save on texting costs and also deliver the message to those without suitable mobile phones (normal noticeboard access). No set up is required, but you will need to point out this facility to your coaches. Please contact ClubHub Support if you'd like more information.

Release 4.3.4

We have introduced new functionality into ClubHub called Activity Selections (though you can call it anything you want within ClubHub).

This function allows members to name the activities that they wish to participate in, with activities being defined as mandatory, exclusive within a defined group of activities e.g. pick only one of three activities, and optional.

Within the exclusive function members may also be asked to indicate choice: first choice this activity, second choice if first not available that activity etc. For example a school using ClubHub can have their students indicate what sports they intend to play in that season, and what sports they will play if their first choice is not available.

Another example would be a gym that has a base membership for gym use, which then allows members to request non-core activities like squash and aerobics. We think this is pretty useful stuff, and if your organisation potentially has a use for this then please talk to Duncan. As a core part of ClubHub there is no additional charge for Activity Selections.

Release 4.3.3

This release introduces a progress bar during user registration. This follows a suggestion from one of our users who wanted to make it easier for people registering to see what information they are expected to provide. We hope the progress bar fulfils this purpose.

Release 4.3.2

Email Character Handling

Some clubs asked us about strange characters in emails like ‘ and “. These occur if you copy Windows specific characters from a program like Microsoft Word into the ClubHub email text window. Any character that the ClubHub environment doesn't understand is converted into a meaningless string like the above.

We have amended ClubHub email programs to detect some of the more common Windows specific characters like quote, double quote, bullet points and to convert them into their text equivalent prior to the email being sent. If you continue to experience the problem we are happy to amend the email programs to detect that character and remove it or turn it into something meaningful - please contact ClubHub Support.

Release 4.3.1

This release includes a 'health check' for administrators.

A display on the home page lists areas that require attention to keep your system functioning most efficiently. Any suggestions for additional or alternative information should be sent to ClubHub Support.

Release 4.3

The main feature of this release is to adopt more customisable fields.

This will allow admins to change the text that appears at various places within ClubHub, for example:

  • Banking Instructions
  • Text to appear in receipts
  • Text to appear when people are making a purchase
  • Text to appear next to the donation field (e.g. All donations will be used to help fund new strips for the First Team)

A full list of these fields is in the help text. Other features are:

  • changing the team status to open and unreleased on archive
  • allowing the administrator to view and edit help (volunteer) offers and optionally allowing people to edit their own help offers
  • changing the look of 'View Grades' so it is more generic
  • Removing Resigned players from the Player Report and adding a new report to show resigned and deleted players

Release 4.2.1

There are 2 main features of this release:

1: More flexibility in the text you can display during registration and in emails. Please see another topic or call Duncan to find out what your options are.

2: Waiting Lists - you can now create a Waiting List Grade and specify that after a grade has been registered for a certain number of times, that grade will be considered full and players should be offered a Waiting List grade. Administrators get a whole new function called 'Manage the Waiting List' to process these people subsequently. Please see the help text for more details. The Waiting List function was developed after a suggestion by one of our Administrators posted in this forum. Please feel encouraged to post suggestions for ClubHub Development items! We have also increased the visibility of change logon and password by separating these functions into 2 screens with their own menu items.

Release 4.2

The main feature of Release 4.2 is the ability to send Clubhub information to your own (or other) web-sites.

This is done using the RSS technology. This is not a 'standard' feature of Clubhub and you should contact Clubhub Support if you wish to take advantage of this feature.

It allows you to enter news and other information , together with images, into Clubhub and to generate information which can be picked up by your web-site if it is configured to do so. Information contained within Clubhub such as member lists, training courses, noticeboard etc. can also be created.

Release 4.1.7

This release offers

  1. Parents the ability to communicate with their childs team members and their parents from their own login. The details of how this works and the configuration options available are detailed in a separate topic under Clubhub Support.
  2. More configuration options for messages during registration.
  3. Incorporation of the new Clubhub colours and images into the help files.

Release 4.1.6

The main feature of this release is implementation of more sensitive DPS response tracking. This allows us to reprocess the DPS responses on a nightly basis to try and acheive zero cases of where a DPS response is lost leaving a payment unconfirmed.

Release 4.1.4

The main focus of this release allows administrators to add new club members from their own login session, whereas prior to this, if they wanted to make a registration on behalf of a new member, they had to log out and start a new registration session. The release also allows people to register themselves (or be added by the administrator) so that they can subsequently add players and register them for training courses. This allows players who are enrolled for the club playing season to enrol for any coaching courses the club may be offering. If you want a direct link for enrolling such a person to go on your main website, please check with your web-site administrator. generated 2012-11-23 12:30:54 by HeidiSQL

ClubHub Version 4.0

Business House Rollover 

Clubs were previously either renewal type 1 (all players archived once a year e.g. Soccer clubs) or 2 (annual subscriptions generated e.g. Tennis clubs). We have now implemented a type 3 which is for clubs where teams register themselves and are managed by a team organiser and several competitions are run each year. 


Self registered teams managed by a team organizer can be grouped together in competitions. Competitions can be archived. Competitions can be registered for and each registration for a competition generates a charge based on the player grade. Competitions can have individual discounts allowing variable pricing. 


Administrators have been given a function to re-register players and their related information (e.g. Parents). This function retrieves the information from the archive and marks the player for subscription generation overnight - this gives the administrator an opportunity to modify the grade before the sub is generated if this is required. 

Sequential Receipt Numbers 

Receipt numbers will now be sequential for each club. Numbers will continue from whatever number they are currently at. 

Adjustments optionally included on payments report 

Now that receipt numbers are sequential, this option has been included so that the full sequence is always available. 

Report Menus 

Reports have been sub grouped allowing more efficient location of the report you want to run.

More Links 

Links between teams and players and vice versa have been added giving faster navigation. 

Grade Selection 

This has been added to various team selections so that the grade may be selected first. 

Delete and Refund 

There is now a refund option for paid transactions. This allows you, for example, to refund a paid subscription and then create an adjustment to pay back a member who has resigned at the beginning of the season but after paying their sub. 


This function restores a player from resigned status so you can continue working with them. 

Team Notes

A notes field has been added to teams and is shown on the teams report. 

Close All Teams 

All teams may now be closed at once. 

Change grade of group team 

For teams that are registered by a team organizer, the administrator has the ability to move the team and all the players in it to a different grade. This allows registration errors to be corrected. 

Email Verification included with Registration 

The link to validate a registered player or parents email address has been included in the registration confirmation email. This reduces the number of emails sent to members and improves the quality of data if the administrator runs the Email Validation report.

Suppress email to archived members 

There is a function to send an email to all archived members reminding them to re-register for example. Where the administrator knows that a member is not re-registering, their email can be suppressed. 

Manage Teams / Grade display 

The order of teams shown in the manage teams across all grades screen now has 2 sort options. 

Email Groups 

Administrators and Grade Coordinators can maintain lists of members and email them as a group. This could be used for committee members for example. 

Email Extension 

For administrators only, the ability to export email addresses for use in a bcc list in their own email program has been added. 

Update email address 

If the administrator updates a member's email address they are given the option to propagate it to the rest of the family group who share the same email address.

Generate Fees 

The administrator can generate transactions for merchandise items and report on whether they have been paid for etc. This can be used for example to generate extra fees for all club members or for a subset of club members. 

Failed Credit Card Report 

The credit card report can be set up to report only failed transactions. 

Administrator add clinic player 

This function used to be available only to a member for their family group. It has now been extended to allow the administrator to do this. 

Maximum quantity for merchandise 

A maximum quantity for merchandise items has been added to allow a drop-down to be used by members when selecting one or more items. 

Coach added to Clinic 

A coach can be assigned to a clinic so that they can email the participants and check on enrolments. 

Maximum Number for Clinic 

When a training course or clinic is created, you may enter a maximum number to be enrolled on that course. Once that number of paid transactions have been created on the system, the clinic will no longer be available for registration. A future development will allow the administrator to deal with players who have booked the clinic but not paid for it (currently the administrator needs to monitor the Booked/Paid status on the clinics list, and it is possible the maximum number is exceeded as players pay for booked transactions). 

Clinic Creates Team 

When a training course or clinic is created you may associate a team with it - either an existing team, or for an existing grade (in which case a team with the name of the training course will be created - you may want to create a specific \'Clinics grade\' to hold these teams). When a player registers for that course they will automatically be put into that team. The team may be managed in the normal team management functions. Note that a future development will provide more information about the status of transactions which caused the player to be in that team. 

Sponsor Images 

There is a facility to show up to 2 sponsor images on your ClubHub banner.

Release 3.1.1

Released on June 7th 2007 


  • Email confirmation: If you send an email using the contact screens, you will be sent a copy of the email. You may set up your email client (eg. Outlook) properties to file these for future reference.
  • Email Storage for Administrators - if the club has a need to keep copies of email communications sent between club members, they can ask Duncan to set up an address to which these copies should be posted.
  • Merchandise report changes - this is now more flexible allowing administrators to report on items that have not been paid for or purchased.
  • A Report on Non Zero account balances

Release 3.1

Released on May 2nd 2007 


  • The main feature of this release is the support of "non playing members", social members for example. This was partially implemented for coaches and grade-coordinators, but you are now able to set up any other type of non-playing membership you like. This feature has been initially set off for all clubs, if you want it activated for your club, please contact Duncan.
  • Contact Team enhancements - there is now an indication where people in the team have the default email address 
  • Search enhancements - if you only find one financial group in your search, you will be taken straight to the view member screen, and you may also add archived and deleted people to your search pool.
  • Addition of subscription paid to player and team reports (tell Duncan if you want this turned off)

Release 3.0.8 

Released on April  11th 2007 


  • This release contains a number of changes that are not visible to our users but which make the system more flexible for future releases. This includes changes to the menu system and to coaches, team organisers and grade-coordinators who are NOT also parent/guardians and/or players. Please advise if you find any unexpected changes to your menu!
  • Contact coaches by Team - on the Contact Menu  for Team, when multiple teams are selected, administrators are now able to select players, coaches and parent/guardians independently of each other.
  • There are three new reports - All members, Coaches and Soccer 2 Master Card (only released to certain clubs)
  • Changes to DPS processing - we believe that we have corrected the issue of "False Failed Payments" - where the response from DPS was not getting back to ClubHub.
  • Changes to the Clinics report - if you select the data only option, the data will be more suitable for cutting and pasting into Excel.

Release 3.0.6 

Released on March 19th 2007 


  • Teams Report:- a new report showing team players and associated helpers and coaches. Available to admins, grade co-ordinators and coaches.
  • Team strip colour :- this is an additional piece of information that may be held against a team and is shown on the team report
  • Email validation change :- this now only requires the email recipient to click a link to validate their email, they do not have to log on
  • Email link shortening :- this should prevent links being broken in recipients emails 
  • Configurable fields for non player/parent coach and grade co-ordinator information

Release 3.0.4 

Released on March 8th 2007 


  • Teams Release - this enhancement allows a club to hide what team a player is in from everyone except grade co-ordinators and administrators while they are being set up. This prevents players from logging in and seeing what team they are in before teams are all finalised.
  • Team information may be 'released' either globally for a club, or individually under Tasks | Teams.  Once teams are finalised you should release them, then send an email to appropriate members asking them to login to find out what team they are in.
  • Improvements to Reconciliation and Income reports
  • Improvements to archive linking programs
  • Minor enhancements to registration process

Release 3.0.3

Released on Feb 8th 2007


  • 4 new reports - Reconciliation, Income, Donations, Adjustments
  • ClubHub Users Forum
  • Contact Administrator for members
  • Email Validation