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Goal Keeper Training

When coaching a team you need to stop and think about each position and how your training program fits for maximising skills all your players. Sometimes you need to stop and spend time working on one position.


Goalkeeping requires more than just drills with the rest of team. Here are a couple of videos for you to look at and see how you can introduce into your training plan.

Goal Keeping Must Knows

Quick Reflexes
Having quick reflexes is the most important aspect of all soccer goalies. Having poor reflexes is like jumping into water without knowing how to swim. Reflexes is something that will not come by itself, you have to practice on it often and regularly. Good soccer goalies always work hard to improve their reflexes and if you want to be one of them you need also to do your best to improve that part.
Cover the Angles
To become good at goalkeeping you will also need how to cover angles. The nearer you are your opponent the harder it will be for him/her to get the ball past you into the net. If you an opponent is running completely free toward you, whatever you do don’t stand on the line and hope for the best! Instead, run quickly towards him/her and make yourself big.

However, you should not lie down to early on the ground when going for the ball. A skillful opponent will wait for you to make the first move to make it easier for him or her to get around you. One good strategy you can use is to wait instead for your opponent to make the first move and then quickly dive and grip the ball.
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