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Club History

Originally Founded 1921

This Club has operated under many names since its inception in 1921. It started at Onehunga Methodist Church to give a social sporting outlet to the young men and of course this encouraged the young ladies to come along also. It then moved to be under the auspice of Onehunga Athletic Club and eventually operated as the Onehunga Association Football Club in Princes St Onehunga, on ground opposite the Exchange Hotel.

In 1965 it was able to move yet again and take over the sports grounds that had been made on Mangere Mountain. This land was first used by the Mangere Rugby Club in 1949 with three teams. – It was renamed Onehunga-Mangere United. The inception of Softball as a summer sport in 1980s brought a new dimension and it once again underwent a few variations until Onehunga Mangere United Sports Club was finally accepted by everyone.

The Club has certainly experienced the highs of winning the Chatham Cup and many other trophies through the years and also times of sinking down through the senior grades. No matter how the teams do, they are always supported by the parents and fellow players on the sidelines. There have been All Whites who played for the Club and many Reps in the grade football teams.

Many strong friendships have been made as the enthusiastic parents worked so hard so hard to raise sufficient funds to build and furnish the Clubrooms now well established on top of the Council owned changing rooms.

Committees have worked hard through the decades and the strength of the Club is seen at Junior Prize-givings overflowing the David Lange Hall at Waterlea School.
The Club has celebrated reunions at 70 and 75 years and so many past players were enthusiastic to come back to meet up with old pals and enjoy reminiscences of games played over the years, when their friendships were first made.

This is a club with a very strong family feeling. You can see the children of our past players chasing that round ball over the same pitches that their parents had run over in years gone by, showing off their inherited skills. The weekly prize giving for the juniors is done before the Seniors every Saturday and the Clubrooms are packed for this event. Boys and girls are encouraged to enjoy these sports. O-MUSC has the ability to cater for the young people of Mangere Bridge and surrounding areas, in these sports.

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