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Have you ever really been able to explain soccer positions to your team? Follow the attached link and see position definitions spelt out simply.  Make it simple for your players and work it into your coaching sessions, sometimes it can be the simplest of explanations that gets the biggest results.
Here are some helpful tips for coaching/playing football.

The Sweeper

Soccer Positions - Sweeper


If you want to play as sweeper, you should have a good understanding of the game and also strong leadership abilities. Your main task is to control the defense of your team and to always stay behind your fullbacks.

Center Fullback

Soccer Positions - Fullback


The centre fullback (or stopper’s) main task is to mark the opposing team forwards or central midfielders. Distributing the ball to the midfielders and playing offensively at intervals is also an important skill if you want to perform well as centre fullback.


Left/Right Fullback

Soccer Positions - Left Fullback


If your team use a flat back formation, your main task would be to mark your opponent’s forwards. Playing fullback in soccer requires that you are dependable and willing to give up any offensive raid. Whether you are playing as right or left fullback you will still need to concentrate completely on your game in defense.



Soccer Positions - Left or Right Wingback


To get a feeling on how to play as wingback, I advise you to study Dani Alves and Maicon which are both playing for Brazil. By doing that you’ll be able to notice what they are doing in particular situations which should give you a brief idea on how to play this position.

Left/Right Midfielder

Soccer Positions - Left or Right Midfielder


Good crosses in the offense are a requirement to perform well as right or left midfielder. You will also carry the ball up the field because left/right midfielders have more room compared to centre midfielders.

Defensive Midfielder

Soccer Positions - Defensive Midfielder


As a defensive midfielder your job is to operate in front of your defense line. You must have enough strength to force yourself to perform to the maximum. Strong character is also a requirement.

Central Midfielder

Soccer Positions - Central Midfielder


Playing as the central midefielder requires good passing and ball handling skills. You must also distribute the ball safely among the offenders while doing everything to stop or slow down the opponent's offensive attacks before they reach your last defensive line.

The Winger

Soccer Positions - The Winger


To succeed as winger, you should be able to sprint away from your opponents, be able to run 40-50 yards up and down the field, score goals and also serve your teammates with quality crosses. This requires of course a lot of energy which means that your fitness needs to be at the top. 


Soccer Positions - Soccer Striker


The striker is a type of position where you must be good at scoring goals. Simply, if you don’t score, then you are not performing well. I would say that playing striker is the toughest and most painful position to play. This is because you need to have great dribbling and shooting skills but also because defenders will do everything in their power to stop you. There is no greater feeling then scoring a goal, so don't give up so easily; instead try your best and the goals will come.

Centre Forward

Soccer Positions - Centre Forward


To succeed as centre forward, you will need be aggressive, brave and be able to maintain your focus during the whole game. You also need to be prepared to work hard without the ball, know how to dribble your opponents and be able to score goals from any situation.

Attacking/Offensive Midfielder

Soccer Positions - Offensive Midfielder



To succeed as offensive midfielder, you will need excellent skills with the ball, be creative intelligent, know how to score goals and also be able to encourage your teammates during the games. You also need to be prepared on criticism because you’ll surely receive plenty of that when your team fails to score goals and utilize the attacking strategies that are determined by your coach.

The Goalkeeper

Soccer Positions - Soccer Goalie


Your job as goalie is to prevent your opponents from scoring. But you need also to encourage your teammates, steer your defensive line and organise attacks.